Creating beautiful environments for people to enjoy is truly a gift and my passion.

My creativity was first recognized when I was hired by a major department store to design and build window displays. Once I realized that I had a natural flair for putting things together in an artistic way I pursued a career as a stylist. As a stylist, I worked side by side with photographers and art directors styling food and props for department store catalogs.

A few years later, I entered the Special Event industry and began working for one of LA’s leading event companies in their prop department. Not only did I learn how to design and build props, I also learned the mechanics and strategies that are key to produce a successful event. This fast paced, ever changing, visually gratifying industry was the right fit for me!

I later joined a floral design team and learned the art of floral design. This gave me a whole new skill set that allowed me to advance my career as a freelance floral designer where I traveled and worked with LA’s top event companies.

Ultimately, I became an Event Designer. This role combined my years of event industry experience and artistic flair. Event coordinators and event companies hired me exclusively to design weddings, bar and bat mitvahs, corporate events and residential parties. From linen selection and centerpiece design to flooring and lighting effects, my role was to design visually gratifying and cohesive events that met their clients’ criteria including their budget.

Deciding to have my own business was a big decision and I am so happy that I finally did it!

I feel extremely fortunate to have found my niche as a designer in the event industry and I am delighted to offer you my personal design services here at Kathryn Watson Designs.

Thank you~